Learn how wage theft is hurting New Bedford/Fall River

Join us for a tour digging into how wage theft impacts New Bedford/Fall River. We will be
visiting a fishing industrial park and temp agency that staffs construction sites in the area.

Unete a nosotros para investigar el impacto del robo de salario en New Beford/Fall River.
Vamos a visitar a un parque industrial de la pesca y una agencia con algunos pares de áreas de



Tony Cabral, State Representative for the 13th Bristol District
Adrián Ventura, Executive Director and workers from Centro Comunitario de Trabajadores              (CCT)/Community Workers’ Center
Jim Pimintal, Vice President/Organizer, Bricklayers Union Local 3
Mike Almeida, Member, Bricklayers Union Local 3
José Soler, Greater SE Mass Labor Council
Danny Rego, Organizer, New England Regional Council of
Carpenters (NERCC)
Activist from the Coalition for Social Justice

                                               Save the Date! ¡Guarda la fecha!

                                                         Time/Hora: 10AM-12PM
     Meeting point/Punto de partida: City Parking Lot on the corner of Rt.18 360 Coggeshall Street, New Bedford

           Save the Date! ¡Guarda la fecha! Learn how wage theft is hurting New Bedford/Fall River
                                                                  STOP WAGE THEFT


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